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Having the correct equipment and knowing how to use it is key factor to any successful event. We use only professional DJ equipment. Following is partial listing of brands we use:

Denon CD players and controllers

 BBE sound enhancers

 Crown and Mackie amps

Martin and American DJ Lighing

JBL Speakers & Yamaha Subwoofers

Grundorf cases

 All of our equipment is routinely tested to make sure that it’s always in operating condition. We also replace our equipment every few years to insure that we are using the latest technology and quality. We always carry back-up equipment incase something were to happen.  


When it comes to lighting we have invested thousands. We have all types of lighting and can create whatever mood you want. We can be conservative or re-create a “club-like” atmosphere. Rest assured we’ll never run out of lights.

 We have different types of sound system set up depending on the location size and guests attending. We tailor our systems depending on the size of your event. We can handle parties from 20 guests to well over 1,600!!! We have the power and equipment to do it right!    

Call today! and get professional results and unmatched service! 847-456-4355 or BaciDJ@BaciProductions.com

Accu Scan 250



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